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Aka Pacha Travel Tour Operator, legally established in Bolivia it is a company dedicated to the tourism etno-ecológico and  adventure, directed by a team of professionals in tourism with a wide trajectory in the item. Our vocation is that its trip fills it with strong emotions so that it never forgets the trip that it carried out with our company



Information and Advice for the Trip

Recommended vaccines

DTPolio, Typhoid, Hepatitis A and B.

For the Amazons, Yellow Fever. Little risk exists of contracting malaria except in the circuits through the Amazon (starting from Trinidad) There are not particular recommendations for the zone of the Yungas.

First-Aid Kit

General medications; Vitamin C or poli-vitamin; painkillers: aspirin or equivalent; Lomotil for diarrhoea + intestinal antiseptic; antibiotics such as ampicillin or tetracycline (foreseen 8 days of treatment and under medical prescription); anti-inflammatory ointment; eyewash; water purification tablets or iodine, adhesive and elastic bandages; assorted sticky plasters + gauze, disinfectant, double skin (protection against the blisters, available in pharmacies), treatment for flu and throat lozenges, suntan lotion, calamine lotion (sun burn and bites)


Because of altitude and the climatic variations, good physical condition is recommended. A first-aid kit for the group will be available (in particular for altitude sickness - oxygen bottle) The trip could be exhausting in the Lípez region

(-20º at night in June!) It is necessary to have a good adaptation capacity to confront accidents or little comfort (bad roads, climate...)

Protection of the environment

The ecological balance of the regions that you will cross is very precarious. The constant flow of tourist, although still restricted, unbalances it very quickly. For the interest of all, each participant is responsible for the care and the state of the places that we will cross. Environmental protection should concern all of us. Even if you see that certain places already have an certain degree of pollution, you should burn all your papers, Kleenex, boxes, etc… Your guide or companion will help you.


A Toyota Land-Cruiser is used in our Private Service (unless otherwise specified in the program). A maximum of 7 people + the driver per vehicle. In certain stages and according to the number of members in the group, the use of a minibus may be considered. All the vehicles are in good condition and covered by insurance.


All our chauffeurs are experienced. They possess great experience and an excellent knowledge of the country. They are also competent mechanics.


Bilingual - unless otherwise stated in the program - and with a deep knowledge of the country and its history. You will have specialized guides in certain visits (Potosí mines, Tiwanaku, Jesuit Missions)


According to the climatic conditions or the desire of the group, our circuits are able to be modified. We understand as "menu trips" the total flexibility in comparison to circuits already established before the departure. A decision to change must be proposed by the group and accepted by all the members. Some adjustments in fares could take place.


The number of stars of the proposed hotels is indicated in the program. The hotels have double rooms and bathroom. They include breakfast and are guaranteed having been chosen by us.


tents for 2/3-people. Dining tent for treks.

Arrival at the house of the villagers

In the best of cases, according to the itineraries. Sometimes rustic, without shower, but the welcome is always warm.


Abundant and typical of the region. In the cities, food is served in local restaurants. Colds lunches or hot dinners where specified.


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